Welcome to LED Inspection a unit of Precision Components & Engineers, New Delhi, India; the ultimate destination for LED/OLED and Light Measurement Systems as per LM-79, LM-80, BIS 16106, CIE-S025 standards.
We have been working in the field of Photometry and Optics for the last 20 years. We are the distributor of various manufacturers of international repute in the field of Photonic Measurement Instruments are used in several reputed Testing Laboratories worldwide.
We strive to provide full technical support to our customers both, before and after the sale of the product.
Following are some of our principles:
Labsphere Inc., USA – Leading manufacturer of Light Measurement Systems, solution for testing Camera Sensors, Remote Sensing, Reflectance Targets and Standards, etc.
Viso Systems, Denmark – Leading manufacturer of Goniometers and Flicker Testing equipment.
Vektrex Electronic Systems Inc., USA – Leading manufacturer of LED Light Life Measurement System as per LM-80 standard and DC Current Sources.
Westar Display Technologies, USA – Leading manufacturer of Display Measurement Systems for testing Smartphone Displays, Laptop Displays, Television Displays and Displays used in Avionics.